Youpi Tra-La-La

The sky is an endless blue tapestry with random white mass of fluid droplets and frozen crystals suspended for decorations. Infinite in shape, infinite in number


I know I should be specific, Lord, but I don’t know and I’m scared to know what I want. You’re the one who knows me well. All I can do is offer my heart and trust what You have prepared for me. Help me be ready.

Above: My mum is so fabulous with or without hair. She is without compare. (Uy, that rhymed!!!) She is there all the time and I can’t imagine life without her. So yeah, I’m happy it’s her day today.

Unrelated: Food trips with mum is always A-awesome. That’s one of the things I’ll always associate with her. I can’t wait for what’s in store today.

Below: These are among the people who made my academic life such a blast. There is always room for fruitful learning with them. AND FOOOOOOOOD!!!

They may not have been my biological mother, but to me and others more they already made it to the awesome motherly list. To my clingy academic mommies, Happy Mommy Day!!!

I can’t wait to see the Hiddle screen test for Thor. :’)
Game of Thrones Reenvisioned as Feudal Japan - Imgur

Facing Tomorrow

There was a girl

Who lived in a burrow

Her name was Tomorrow

She was sick in the marrow

Her parents were hopeful

Though she was doubtful

Of living in copious

While she looked nauseous

Her hair was all frilly

But she wasn’t as giddy

For they all became needy

They were down to last penny

She loved to say hello

So mellow

Not bellow

To every good fellow

While she made a rondeau

Along came Alberto

A fellow in yellow

Who under the heat of summer

Lowered his bowler

Towards her

Alberto was healthy

Tomorrow was sickly

She wasn’t convincing

She took him no fancy

He pursued her

No matter

He made known

That she mattered

But tomorrow is scary

What lies for her is dreary

She was just weary

And their future is bleary

One day they were walking

While she did more thinking

She was mum as always

And Alberto was restless

"Tomorrow, I need you

Let me take care of you”

But she needed him more than he needs her

She took his hand and to him he uttered.

"I am scared Alberto

This would end in sorrow

Today’s lie of bliss is a gamble

Your tomorrow would suffer”

"The only tomorrow I see

Is Tomorrow with me

So no matter the disease

I still want you so badly”

He took her hand and felt her skin

Looked to her eyes and slowly

Inches apart, face to face,

They kissed their troubles away

They made the most of each other

Nothing else have mattered

They sang and laughed

And ignored hereafter

But Tomorrow knew better

She called for Alberto

"The beach is nice, it’s what I’ve learned

Take me to feel the breeze I’ve heard?”

But the wind was cold and unforgiving

She sat on his back draped and shivering

Alberto felt her warmth on his ears

And that was enough to abate his fears

"Shell!" she’s never seen one before

He took one for her to listen to the ocean

She smiled so warmly

Even though she was freezing

She touched his face and gently,

"Can you please get me more?"

Many years later

Alberto still remembers

That was the last of what

Tomorrow had uttered

He found her eyes closed

While listening to the ocean

With a smile on her once pink lips

And a heart shaped figure

On the moist sand traced by her finger

It’s official (I think)—but still

Thank GOD!!! YAY!

Earlier this morning, my dear friend, Mamins, texted me and she was excited to let me know that they (the University council) have approved (or approved the recommendation—I forgot, haha!) my graduation for my degree.

In all honesty, I just thank God for it. That degree was way too overdue. I should have finished a year and a half ago but due to some circumstances, I have been extended for a year and a half. Thankfully, it wasn’t more than that.

That experience has brought me a lot of anxiety and depression. But I am so thankful because I gained far more than what I lost (apart from my weight. Haha!). That experience has also brought me a lot of learning (both academic and in real life, which I wouldn’t exchange for anything), great friends, skills, shoes, and a whole lot more.

God did it. He made a miracle out of me. I wouldn’t have lasted one minute if it wasn’t for Him. I also have to thank Him for guiding me. I don’t deserve such love after the things I do but He’s just that great. What’s even amazing is that He is there and I can count on Him. With my mum sick, I don’t think I could have handled everything without Him.

This degree is another gift from God. And I’ll be forever grateful.

May God’s name be glorified.

Hide and seek

I looked for you

And I’m pretty sure

I’ve found you

I’m just hoping

You’ll stop looking

Look up

And find my eyes on you

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

—   2 Timothy 3:16-17 (NIV)

Ryan Andrews :: One Last Snowfall

I watch the snow melt as it falls to the ground.

One last snowfall…

Spring has come.

And now you have gone.

GFP Ice Cream aka Glow-in-the-dark Ice Cream (SRSLY?)

Wouls you eat this GFP ice cream?

Trivia: The ingredient used for this “glow-in-the-dark” ice cream came from a luminescent protein from jellyfish called Green Flourescent Protein (GFP). According from an article at Neatorama, this ice cream glows when licked just like an agitated jellyfish. Amazing!

GFP is among the stuff we always talk about in several of my Molecular Biology classes. Hearing about it in this context can be both so surreal and amazing. Haha!